Monday, 29 October 2012

On Sunday I went to my nan’s and I was  watcing tv.
After that I went on my scooter and me and brother had a race.We traded scooters. I raced on his scooter and he was on my scooter. Nathan won the race because
his legs went faster than mine.

Friday, 19 October 2012


Last night  my father made us some spaghetti
for dinner. He makes the best meatballs in the
world! I ate lots of spaghetti. My brother spilled
sauce  on his  white shirt. We all laughed
I love when my dad makes spaghetti!

Monday, 15 October 2012

my Holiday

On Sunday I was playing need for speed carbon. Me and
my brother Nathan we did lots of races to win some money for a car. I bought a RX8 and a Dodge.

When I was done with my game I went outside to ride on my brother’s bike.