Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bell's Bad Day

One day in spring there are nice grass to eat for the sheep.Bell is getting  wool and it get’s hard for the sheep.

Bell is  scared because the dogs bark at Bell and at Isaaka “I still remember last year when my wool got taken off in the shed” said Bell.

The dog chasing me.  “Help me .said Bell” the dogs is running after me “I’m going to die .said Bell”.I don’t want to be the same as last year.

 I’m in the same place as last year.  Some of  us  could Die in this place we are up next help said Bell’s “friend said”nooooo my wool is going to cut  off.

I’m going in shed and the dogs are standing on us. Bell’s friend is scared of dogs  she thinks the dog is  going to bite her if she runs the other sheep behind she  will bump into them .

Bell’s  remember  last year when she was scared  with her friend there the gates surrounded of sheep inside the shed it is so dark.

The farmer get’s me and he flips me on to my back “Bell said” help me. bell is kicking the farmer starts to cut her wool of the sheep.

Bell said I’m naked now I’m a lot faster when I had all that       old wool.

Now I'm back at farm and I can eat more grass  and my wool will grow back.