Friday, 30 May 2014


On thursday 22th we went to a road show. At tamaki college we went into their  hall.We sat on some chairs tamaki people were at the roadshow there is stuff haven't
seen before. And we got tased some different kind of honey and there was an hot air balloon there is these  rings  what spin  around fast I found out the ring where gule to on an rotating  thing what spin to.One of the people pick 3 people  to come up  the  1 one did a breath test to see how much air she had in her lungs and the 2 what food to eat and which animal to  walk past and 3 how tall would he he

trun 20 year old.And this lady had  poo in her hand and guy pick up a lot of  poo on a plate but it looked fake.

Somoan Language Week

When I first came in the hall something was going to happen.   It was the launch of Samoan language  week.We came and sat on some chairs because someone distinguished guest  was coming. It was the minister of parliament for maungakiekie his name is Sam Lotu Iiga. That’s  why  people were performing. We sang 3 national anthem’s.

The pre school's  from the Samoan  school at the church they came to our school. They were performing  to us.Some people were helping the pre school’s.People were dancing.People from Tamaki came to  Pt England school and performed for us .

At back of  the hall there was name’s on the front of the chair we were not allow to sit on those chairs of the Samoan people. I saw one of my friend his name is Ben.

  We were watching some little clips in the

hall on the big screen.Some people  did a kakaire in Samoan language.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Michael Jackson  is dead. Now but they have got a new  Michael Jackson.   They made something to make him come  back on the stage. And back of making money they used his sister the same as 
Michael Jackson.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Damien Where's sound

Damien Sound

Damien Sky tower

Six  firefighters had walked 303 km from Waitangi to Auckland in 10 days to raise money for leukemia .As they walked over the Harbour Bridge  they saw  the light at the  the top of the Sky Tower’s  beacon guiding them the way to Auckland.

When the six firefighters arrived at the Sky Tower.People  were giving some gift.They took part of the 10th annual firefighters Sky Tower stir challenge.This challenge involved 700 firefighters.They had full protective gear including oxygen masks
.And tanks they walked up 1103 and 51 storeys.They had raised almost 1 million dollars.

Feeling weak and exhausted they climbed to the top of Sky Tower.They reached  their goal to get a great achievement all  of them was sweaty but   they were proud of themselves.

Monday, 19 May 2014


David Dallas is a raper for New Zealand  he sings good song's on tv and at the   some concert. 

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Eocolocatetion By Damien

These kind of animals bats, whales and dolphins have echo sensors. They can be used to sense an object in the way. First they send out a high pitched sound then wait till it bounces back. If it doesn't come back then they know something is not coming. If it does come back they know something is in the way. This is Echolocation. This shows them how far away an object is, and where their food is.

Bat’s Hearing
Bat’s sends sounds out to an object such as insects. This sound reflects off the object  and the echo goes to the  bat’s sensitive ears. Bat’s can tell how far away its prey is and  how far away the water  is. They can  hear your hair if it drops.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Term 2 I like to move it move it

In the morning we had to go to a assembly on may the 5th for term two we were learning about  science. The teachers  were telling us stuff that might be involve in science.                                                                                           
Mr burt was wear some funny clothes and we had to do
I like to move move it with our head’s move  by sitting down we did it two time’s the first one we made a mistake then we got the second time.