Friday, 24 October 2014


Immersion Assembly

It was team 3 turn and it showed 3 colours jumping red green and blue those  help to make other colours

when team 3 was finished .now it was team 4 turn as they walk on stage we  started to clap.
a variety of artist     there was  Andy warhol he made (Pop art).Fatu Fe’u(Samoan).Vincent Gogh he cut his ear off.Pablo picasso (cubism)Angular Monet(he has French accent. George Seurat (pointillism dots).

They were showing the piece of art looks much better so they did a vote who has the best piece of art.They did the vote with the most claps and George Strait won.

Now it was team 5 turn as we calped they walk on the stage and the lift up sign and stared  paint black and they drawed Mr Burt,Mr Jabson and Mrs Jarman but they painted it  upside down  and when they were finished they fliped it over.It showed 3 poeple

Emapthy Explanation

Empathy is  important around the world. What does Empathy mean ?.It means helping other people and caring for when they are feeling sad or lonely and supporting them when they are winning something

Empathy means putting yourself you someones shoes If the world didn’t have empathy the world will be miserable. and respecting other people and teachers. If the world were empathetic whole world will be useless if people were kind to each other.

In term 1 we learned about empathy putting  yourself in someone shoes. if empathy wasn’t made up there will wars a bullying and  left out people.