Monday, 25 November 2013

Adding Detail To Sentenses

At Camp Bentzon Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course.

Mr Jacobsen was our coach for an activity called the confidence course.

Mr Jacobsen was our coach on the confidence course and he told everyone to be calm.

It is fun doing sailing but I was nervous about sailing on camp.

I was nervous about going to do sailing on camp.

I was nervous about sailing on camp and I nearly tipped over.

I tried and I We went abseiling.

We went abseiling and when you come down Its so easy.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Damien Farmer Movie

This is my movie about my farmer cutting the wool of the sheep.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Year 6 Camp

* where the camp is Kawau island it is in new zealand
* what activities are there simming and volley ball and cool things to
* what you are most looking forward to and why doing runing in the mornings
* some photos

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I Heard A Whisper

I was Jack walking back from school. Because  Jack missed. The bus  Jack had to take the long way home. Jack had gone in the woods suddenly Jack heard a whisper he went to go look but no one was there.

Jack started to run home. Jack was thinking it was a ghost but  it was a bear and his friend having a cup of tea with some cookies.

It was night and Jack had a nightmare when Jack was walking or by himself in woods and it was night time and heard a whisper.

Jack was late again. He had to go in the woods he walk fast he saw a bear and saw a front door. Jack was half asleep when he saw the bear. Come out of his house when Jack got home dropped to ground and started to go sleep

                            THE END

Monday, 11 November 2013


Last week on Sunday me and my family. Did fire works  I got to help to light some fire works. Me and brother did the big boom box and my brother he lighted cascaras.

The older people. Had to do the big ones last and I was going to light. My firework and my brother took my turn.

I got to light some firework at home we had the bad boys box and my friends were looking then it started to  rain hard.

Friday, 1 November 2013

The Worse Day

The pigs were eating nice food then the sun started to go down.The pigs   were cold.

It start raining hard the pigs was cold and they were on the roof of a barn. The pigs  has no food to eat water flush it away.

The pigs are safe where lucky that they didn't die the pig were getting smell and hungry.

The farmer came with his boat and he got t one pig.The water was  getting high  the farm got the second pig and the other pig the farm just got the the pig was safe.

The Accident

A boy name Jack was  riding his bike and he saw the baby calf he ran away from it’s mother.Jack  was going down a big hill and he went fast down the hill.

Jack saw a hole in the grass he tried to stop but he  hit the hole he flip on to his back and the bike landed on his leg.

Jack  went missing his mother was calling for  him the boy “said help”my bike is on me. Jack was cold his mother ran inside called hospital   then  his dad came to  pick up the bike.

Jack  was in hospital his leg was broken and jack’s  bike was broken   his dad had to buy a new bike for jack.