Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Pt.England way Damien Christopher and mohammed

The PT. England Way     By Christopher and

Damien and Mohammed

it means it our koha

it started 30 years ago - 2000 or 2001

to look after our kids

it is part of our three p’s

means taking care of new kids

The pt england way is that it is our kawa it was made in 30 year ago
it was to help our new kids learn more and what our korero is.   
being kind to people they will be kind to you and if you treat them bad they will as well but if you treat them good they do it to you.

If you won’t let other people play with them they say no and if you don’t have anybody to play with, and if you go and ask that if you can play they will say no!. But if you will let them play
they will let you play so be kind to others.

if you play with someone that is angry at you they will have an argument and it will end
up in to a fight it will start in to big fight and if someone doesn’t tell a teacher the fight will go worse so if someone does go and tell a teacher the teacher will stop it.

Pt. England School Rules!!
Pt. England school has lots of rules you need to know them. Rule number 1 you need to be safe. Rule numbers. Rule number 3 Listen 2 enjoy yourselves and make lots of friend to your teacher carefully to learn more stuff. Rule 4 learn and behave. Rule 5 is don't tease our skin colour and coucher. Rule 6 don't swear. Thats The RULES!!!

Pt. England School  places
Pt. England School has lots of places to play but right now there is a place with trucks coming out and in near class 6,7,and class 3 so be careful and don't get ran over. And there is a little playground near the seniors playground for the little kids to play only for yr 3 and down. The seniors playground is for yr 4 and up so if your down yr 4 don’t play there.

Damien' Mohammed' Braeden Treaty

The Treaty of Waitangi is a contract or agreement between Queen Victoria of England. The Maori people were trying to solve the problems to make peace for our

On February 6th 1840  the  Maori chiefs were talking over who was going to sign the treaty. The British were  talking about the Treaty and how it would bring peace .

The signing of the treaty  was a significant event in New Zealand's history. Unfortunately there were misunderstandings over how it was translated which eventuality lead to the Maori's war. Where Hone Heke chopped down the flagpole 5 times.