Friday, 5 December 2014

Te Tuhi

On Tuesday Class 4 went to Te Tuhi art gallery. We made painting. Then we gave our wet painting to Jeremy then put it on the stairs to dry so we took someone else what they painted . So we waited to everybody to finish.Then we started to drawing then jeremy told is draw about home,culture,interest,family.After  everyone finish we went to go look at some pictures and watched some films and talk about it and when it was made.

Furture Aspirations

Mr Samuels he was talking about What Now in the 1990’s he use to be in what now. But now  they have new people in it Now.And  he said to miharo hoki that mean’s you and amazing.Mr Samuels said don’t let the past determine you future

Paula told us a story when he was little that when he almost died. He was a good swimmer when he was little so put him into swimming team.They put him into the deep pool. and he dived into the pool then they  tired then he started to get tried to touch the ground then he started to drown.He of knockout in the water so they pull him out of the the water lots of water came out of his mouth

It was Amelia Turns to speech she said that she wants to be  cloth designer she want to open her own shop where she can sell some of the cloths that she made.


How to know if she or he is a good friend?. They will be sharing and caring. If you don’t have any lunch they might say “ Do you want a bite? or if you're hurt they will say “Do you want me to take you to the office “ say yes.  

Even teachers can be your friend pretend friend. How can you be a good friend?. Don’t make mean  jokes causing fights and slap each other in the head. A good you will be nice happy and no mean jokes even momma jokes. What can a good friend can be?. A good friend will be nice ,caring and polite. He or she might be mean sometimes but deep inside their heart you can make them less mean and more trustworthy.